We will be doing an online fundraiser with SNAP.  More information to come at the parent meeting in November.

In addition, you can keep up with items we are looking to get donated by clicking on this LIST.  Contact me ASAP if you know a vendor or person who may want to help our program out.

Here are some immediate items we are looking to get donated or sponsored to our program:

  1. Trophies for the banquet
  2. Banquet hall
  3. Banquet decorations.  Ribbons, balloons, tablecloth, eatery.
  4. 10 pizzas, 4 cases of soda, and 2 cases of water for the beginning of the year picnic
  5. Locker decorations for playoffs.  (Balloons, ribbons, goody bags, signs).
  6. Bread, honey, PBJ, bananas, spoons, forks, napkins, and water (travel cooler items)
  7. 40 roses for parent night
  8. 5-8 picture frames for parent night
  9. 15 restaurant entree sponsors for end of year banquet.  Or catering sponsor.
  10. New singlets
  11. New warmups
  12. New shorts and T-shirt
  13. New travel bags

**I have donation letters upon request and can also meet with vendors personally.  Help put us in contact with familiar sources.